Hello Friend

The world can be a scary place, which is why it has taken so long for me to arrive here.

My name is Chai, by the way, like the tea. My mom said I got the moniker because I’m as warm and cozy as the drink. My dad said it’s because God used the same cinnamon crayon on my fur as he did on the tea. (My dad cracks me up!)

My mom and dad were the first to show me that God meant the world to be beautiful. You see, I’m a rescue. That’s a word people use to describe someone who could only be saved from the scary places of life with the help of someone else. Mom and Dad say they’re rescues too. Jesus saved them from places they could not save themselves.

There are lots of those places in this world: loneliness, sorrow, fighting, disease, wanderings and searches for something else. We fade into those places, passing right by one another and missing the beauty of God in each of us where we connect. So, the thinking train in my head started moving, which some believe is impossible for a canine but it really isn’t. If Jesus rescued my mom and dad, and they in turned helped rescue me, how can I help rescue someone else?

Quite the task for someone with no ability to form human words with his tongue and no opposable thumbs by which he could write any words if he could form them.

But God. He has good words.
And my mom, she has opposable thumbs and a crayon.

That’s how we landed here, with God and a crayon and a little cup of chai (the drink, not the dog). It may not seem like good equipping by which to do much, but God doesn’t need much for us to do his good nor to color the world with some of his beauty.

So this is our small space to give hope, good food for thought, and maybe a funny tale (not the kind that I wiggle). I’ll join you in every picture, so look for me there. Together, we hope you take in alittlecupofchai (the dog, not the drink), and be encouraged to say to someone with a latte love the two words I have been so afraid to say until now…

Hello friend.

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