Today is the Day

Even when climbing another one of life's mountains is the last thing you want to do.
Even when the chicken and rice dinner was so scrumptious going in but not so wonderful going out.
Even when a new year is celebrated but feels a lot like the last year.
Even when the caterpillars eat more from mommy's garden than she does.
Even when the hurts don't heal, and when the question marks out number the answers, and when the sorrows mount.
Even when ordering ink pens for a living suddenly sounds better than using an ink pen for a living but it's too late now because ordering ink pens is no longer a living and every fear and every doubt and every lie laughs at the poor decision you made to trust in the Lord's creative calling...

Even then, I will say...

Today is the day that God has made for me,
every bump and every blessing,
and I will rejoice and be glad.
Because He loves me;
He is for me;
Even when it's hard.


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